We as Ghostthinkers

accompany you from the idea to the implementation and beyond. In our Ghostthinker team we combine various competences from computer science, media communication, didactics, education and sports science.

Dr. Frank Vohle

Founder, CEO and didactic advisor

Frank Vohle is the founder and CEO of the Ghostthinker Company and a pioneer in the field of didactics.

His focus is on the didactic-pedagogical conception of train-the-trainer scenarios (blended learning, social video learning, action competence, reflection) as well as the methods and solutions for sustainable organizational development. He advises and accompanies our clients in the introduction and implementation of new didactic concepts and reflects on his main topics in lectures and professional articles.

Johannes Metscher

CEO and Head of Development

Johannes has been with the company since its inception and became managing director of Ghostthinker GmbH in 2013.

He has rich experience in information technology based learning environments (agile development, mobile, architectures) and interface knowledge between didactics and software. This and his never-ending willingness to improve processes are what makes him an incomparable consultant and solution finder.

Rebecca Gebler-Branch

Member of the management board

Rebecca has been a Ghostthinker since 2014 and is the contact person for all topics related to Human Resources, Customer Success and Business Development.

After many years in sales and marketing, Rebecca's focus today is on organizational development. Her strengths lie primarily in conceptualizing the big picture in large projects and keeping an eye on its adherence. She accompanies clients especially in interdisciplinary topics and supports with creative impulses around events.

Stefan Hörterer

Systems Architect and Shareholder

Stefan has been the core developer of Ghostthinker since 2008 and is responsible for the technical implementation and further development of our products.

Through his many years of experience in development and production operation of high availability solutions, he has a broad cross-sectional knowledge of all issues related to web technologies, development processes and server management.

Sergej Naumenko


Sergej completes the core development team and is another extraordinary Drupal expert.

He is knowledgeable in web technologies and works closely with Stefan in education platform projects such as the DOSB Bildungsnetz. After finishing his masters in information technology at the University of Augsburg, he started working as a freelance developer at the Medienlabor where he specialized in the conception and development of education platforms.

Bernhard Hörterer

Developer, Quality Assurance

Bernhard has been working as a software developer for the Ghostthinkers since 2016.

He brings many years of professional experience in the design of complex automation technology of large corporations. The lateral entrant complements the Traunstein office in software development and is mainly responsible for the further development of the edubreak® products.


Niels Helle-Meyer

Business Development and Legal Advisor

Niels completes our team as legal adivsor since 2015.

With his background as a lawyer, Niels brings extensive experience in the tertiary education sector as a instructor as well as a university manager. He manages contract negotiations and supports our sales team in acquisition processes. His deep knowledge and experience gained while working in educational institutions includes all questions concerning data privacy in IT systems in order to provide secure software usage.


Lisa Welde

Key Account & Sales Mmgt., Product Owner re:play

Lisa enriches the areas of sales and key account management in the Ghostthinker sports world since 2016.

She gained her competencies from the combination of B.A. sports science studies and her MBA with a focus on live communication. Together with our clients, she works dedicatedly on the implementation of individual goals, bringing her passion for sports into the work processes.

Stephan Ebisch

Product Owner edubreak® & STEM, Support

Stephan joined Ghostthinkers in 2017 and works at the interface between development, customer support and marketing.

As Product Owner of edubreak®, he is responsible for the further development of the product as well as the coordination of internal and external needs. In addition to his deep understanding of edubreak®, he brings various skills in 1st level support as well as marketing.


Bernd Fecht

Developer and Scrum Master

Bernd has been working as a software developer and Scrum Master at Ghostthinker since March 2019.

He is experienced in programming in various programming languages and the latest technologies in computer science and has a passion for clean code. He actively contributes these skills to the development process.

Lina Kuche


Lina has been a Ghostthinker since May 2017, focusing on software/application development and IT security.

She has a passion for developing applications using different tools and programming languages. For example, Lina prefers to develop applications in isolation in Docker containers from the start. She describes herself as a multifaceted, creative, and open-minded individual with a strong desire to learn and advance.

Manuel Klapfenberger

Working Student Development & Quality Assurance

Manuel supports the development team since June 2018 with a focus on the edubreak® platform and app.

The ambitious climber and boulderer supports the development team and is also responsible for quality control and assurance. The "digital native" brings his love of sports and nature to his work at Ghostthinker, as well as his interest in modern technologies and multimedia systems.

Christopher Branch

Project Management and Tutoring

Christopher joined the Ghostthinkers in 2017 as a project manager, online tutor and consultant in the field of soccer.

He supports educational managers in the field of soccer in the design and implementation of their blended learning courses. In doing so, he benefits from his diverse experience as a soccer coach, blended learning user and in electronics development. In this way, he bridges the gap between technology and educational content in soccer.


Sarah Gafiuc-Zips

Accounting, Project Management R&D

Sarah has been working at Ghostthinker GmbH since 2018 and is responsible for accounting and our R&D projects.

She brings experience from adult education and several museum projects. Curiosity and the desire to explore new or forgotten paths drive her. At Ghostthinker she learned about new ways to shape education, and through the R&D projects she continues to further develop them with the team. Besides, she is the right contact person around accounting and data protection.

Alexander Renk

Developer, Quality Assurance

Alex complements our team in Augsburg as a software developer since July 2019.

With his open, honest manner and his complementary knowledge in the areas of computer game development, computer graphics and user experience design he supports Ghostthinker in the field of software development. In addition, he takes care of the quality assurance of our products with an eye for detail and great care.

Christian Budulak

Working Student

Christian has been a working student in support, development and quality assurance since November 2019.

His enthusiasm for software development came up during his studies of media informatics. In his spare time, Christian is a passionate athlete who enjoys bouldering and basketball. Working at Ghostthinker GmbH allows Christian to combine his interests and passions and to gain practical experience for his studies.

Philipp Prommersberger


Philipp is part of the Ghostthinker team since March 2020 and supports us primarily in the development of the edubreak® products.

Philipp graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Kempten with an excellent degree in computer science. During his studies he focused on object-oriented programming, web development and desktop software. During his time as a student assistant at the Allgäu Research Centre, he was able to gain experience which he is now applying to his work at Ghostthinker.

Philipp Herbst


Philipp joined our development team in Augsburg in May 2020.

Since graduating in computer science in 2017, he has gained professional experience in a wide variety of software projects. Passion and fun in development are as important to him as the quality of the products he works on. As a Ghostthinker, he supports our development processes.


Michael Mayr


Michael joined our development team at the Augsburg office in July 2020.

He is a passionate and inquisitive programmer who is always open to new technologies. His core competencies are all around web technologies, where he approaches tasks with a lot of creativity and focus.

Svenja Gliem

Svenja Gliem

Marketing & Account Manager

Since September 2020, Svenja complements the Ghostthinker team in marketing and customer care.

Svenja feels at home in the world of digital marketing. She has a wide range of experience in topics such as content marketing, SEO, customer journeys, analytics, etc. Besides, she supports the team in the field of customer care.


Pawel Zweifel

Bachelor's degree candidate

Pawel is studying computer science at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. He started his bachelor thesis on Cloud Development Environments at Ghostthinker in January 2021.

His experience is mainly in the area of web technologies, but he is also interested in hardware-related topics. For best results in development, he is not only concerned with functionality but also with user-friendliness.

Lea Ahders

Account Manager Higher Education

Lea joined the Customer Success Team in March 2021.

As Account Manager, she is responsible for the higher education sector. She draws on a wide range of experience in the education sector, which she now incorporates into her work at Ghostthinker. Her superpower: making complicated issues understandable.

Daniela Metzeler

Daniela Metzeler

Management Assistance & Accounting

Daniela joined the Ghostthinker team in April 2021.

She is responsible for accounting and also supports the management in administrative and organizational matters. She brings several years of professional experience in these areas. Not least due to her own self-employment in the beauty and health market, entrepreneurial thinking and acting plays an important role for Daniela.


Ghostthinker Marwa

Marwa K.

Software Architect

As a software architect, Marwa has been part of the development team since April 2021.

After her business informatics studies at the University of Cologne, she worked as a software architect at the Federal Office of Justice. Her most important tasks include the review of software or system architecture, technical analysis of existing software systems and production of software within the framework of a structured CI/CD development process.


Ghostthinker Tatyana Gusseva

Tatyana Gusseva

Working Student Support & Quality Assurance

In May 2021, Tatyana joined the development team to assist in the areas of support and quality assurance.

She is studying business informatics at the University of Augsburg, as she likes the combination of IT and business administration. In her free time she likes to read, take pictures or do artistic activities.


Huseyin Eroglu

Hüseyin Eroglu

Working Student Support

Since May 2021 Hüseyin supports Ghostthinker as part of the support team in Augsburg.

As a perfect match to the Ghostthinker portfolio, his competences and interests are on the one hand in IT security and on the other hand in didactics. In his spare time, Hüsi enjoys sports.


Selina John

Selina John

Account Management Sports & Business

Selina joined the Customer Success team in May 2021.

As a sports economist, Selina has a wealth of experience in the sports sector as well as in customer support. She brings her enjoyment of sports as well as her interest in modern working environments to her work at Ghostthinker. She is characterized by her organizational talent as well as her balance, which she gains from yoga.

Jasmin Nagel

Jasmin Nagel

Media Designer

Since June 2021, Jasmin has been part of Ghostthinker team at the intersection of Development and Customer Success.

She is jointly responsible for the design of our various products and corporate design, where she contributes in particular in the area of UI/UX design. She likes to spend her free time hiking in the mountains.


Veronika Christodoulides - Ghostthinker

Veronika Christodoulides

Didactic consultant

Veronika joined Ghostthinker in September 2021 to strengthen the didactics department, especially in the international context.

As an adult educator, her focus is on digital learning and intercultural communication. Veronika brings a lot of experience as a trainer, conference organizer and EU project manager in the fields of informal education, digital learning products and NGOs. Her superpower is to build bridges between different areas of expertise, cultures and organizations and let exciting collaborations emerge from them.



The good spirit

Ghostie represents our team since the foundation with his good looks and his unbreakable charm.

Ghostie is absolutely dedicated and actively participates in all Ghostthinker topics and projects. Ghostie is passionate about sports, science and languages: Besides his native German, he is fluent in Swahili and Persian, which helps all Ghostthinkers extremely in communicating with customers. No matter where our Ghostie shows up: He simply casts a spell over everyone with his incomparable charm.