flexible online learning room for social video learning

The edubreak®SPACE is the Social Video Learning solution for executive trainers, coaches, consultants and learning professionals. With renting an edubreak®SPACE you can expand your coaching tools and therefore your portfolio easily. You would like to use Social Video Learning within a smaller context in your organization? The edubreak®SPACE is the ideal choice. 

Some of the areas the edubreak®SPACE will benefit your work and portfolio:

  • Webbased education and training
  • Collaboration projects
  • Creative review processes (videos, etc.)
  • Communication within your organization
  • Projectmanagement 
  • Blended meeting and conferences
  • Solution-finding processes

How does the edubreak®SPACE work?

The edubreak®SPACE is a webbased online-room which you can rent for your individual purposes. Being in the Space, you profit from the same technical functions and adventages as you do in the edubreak®CAMPUS but it is limited to only one room. It goes without saying, that your can rent as many Spaces as you wish or need. 

Mode of payment: Every month you receive an invoice according to your participants and the duration of use.

How do you get an edubreak®SPACE?

Just send us an email an we will contact you promptly. 

The advantages that the edubreak®SPACE brings along:

  • Tool to expand your portfolio
  • Easy access 
  • No installation or update cost
  • Supports competence development
  • High mentoring economy
  • Maximally flexible