2012 BMBF Project: Subcontractor and consultant on a BMBF-sponsored project for professionalizing the education and training process in German athletics through the use of media (SALTO).  

2012 Research Project: Subcontractor on a project lead by the Cooperation Systems Center Munich (CSCM)The goal: the integration of a video portal in a network and training platform for members of the Bundeswehr's ambulance service (San-Netz).

2011 BMBF-Projekt: Unterauftragnehmer und F&E-Partner in einem vom BMBF geförderten Projekt zur Entwicklung einer Berufs-Community für die Fahrlehrerausbildung (Fahrlehrer-Netz). 

2009 EU Project: Originator, consortium leader and R&D partner on the EU project "Driver Instructor Ediaction 2.0"from the Comenius career education line of funding. Together with German, Belgian and Austrian praxis and organizational partners as well as the Universität der Bundeswehr München (scientific partner) we achieved a total rating of 9.17 (out of a maximum of 10 points) on completion.

2007 Ghostthinker Project: Scientific consulting for the DTTB (and other athletic associations) in creating Blended Learning structure (Blended Learning 2.0).