Sustainable education programs count on a purposeful support by digital learning technology. In this case online-learning platforms often build the technical base. Since 2005 we as Ghostthinker have developed an one stop shop solution for learning with digital media - the edubreak®CONCEPT. It offers our customer everything one needs for a competence oriented education supported by digital media, delivered by one partner.
Our approach targets an interactive and social learning atmosphere that is usually only known from in-person education. This atmosphere is enabled by special online tools that foster social interaction and reflection processes online.
The edubreak®CONCEPT is based of three element: the Campus, an online-learning environment focussion on video learning for formal education processes, the Community - an online community platform for an interactive and informal exchange focusing as well videos as the main media and finally Share - an online community-style platform where people in charge of education can share their assignments and develop them qualitatively further.