Ghostthinker is a consulting and technology company. As an education partner we specifically support sports organizations as well as universities and companies in learning with digital media. We develop didactical concepts, provided perfectly tailored learning technology. In addition, we pride ourselves as being experts on areas that regard video based knowledge management.
The core of our work lies is innovative method called Social Video Learning and the online learning environment that has been designed for that method named edubreak®campus. Both, the learning and teaching method as well as the technology have received awards. Social Video Learning combines the advantages of video  with social and personal exchanges. The method intends to promote reflection and other personal abilities. That is precisely why we differ from our competitors.
With more than 10 Years of experience in education in the context of sports and universities, Ghostthinker is the leading partner for Sports organizations on their way to digital transformation. Our edubreak® portfolio offers, the edubreak®SPORTCAMPUS which we provide as complete Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. We offer  plugin options for existing collaboration and learning systems in companies or universities as well. 

Our Philosophy:

The future model of work practices is our great motivator. The growing demand that organizational structures have to progress creates new opportunities, delegates more responsibility to the employee and calls for modified rules and tasks. Our hearts and minds back this new, contemporary work culture and in doing so we encourage our clients and partners to do the same.
This is what defines the success of our work:
• we collaborate with and in versatile networks
• we use our collaborative tools for an efficient and valuable teamwork
• we provide a hybrid meeting culture for our resources to be used to their best capabilities
• we achieve a close relationship with the costumer because of flexible structures and a range of office locations.