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Ghostthinker GmbH is a consulting and technology company in the education sector (EdTech). As a partner, we support sports organizations, universities and companies in the area of learning and collaboration with digital media. We develop didactic concepts, provide the appropriate technology and are experts in questions concerning video-based knowledge management.

The focus of our work is the multi-award-winning method innovation Social Video Learning. Social Video Learning combines the advantages of video with those of personal exchange to promote reflection and action competence.

With more than 15 years of experience in sports and academic teaching, we are now the leading partner for organizations on the path to digital transformation. In addition to edubreak®CAMPUS as an end-to-end solution (Software as a Service / SaaS), we also offer solutions for existing learning management systems in organizations (as SaaS or plug-ins) and develop customized learning and collaboration platforms.

New Work: What makes our work successful

We are inspired by people-centered and future-oriented working models. Flexible, agile organizational structures create new opportunities and provide employees a good balance of creative freedom, guidance and responsibility.

We stand firmly behind this new work culture and thus exemplify what we urge our clients to do. We work together with and in agile networks, use collaborative tools for efficient and valuable teamwork, live a hybrid meeting culture for the optimal use of resources, and achieve a high level of customer proximity and employee satisfaction through flexible structures and distributed locations.


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