We as Ghostthinker

chaperon you from the first idea to the realization and more. Ghostthinker is a consulting and technology company. As a partner for educational matters, we support sports organizations, universities as well as companies in the field of learning with (using) digital media. We develop didactical concepts, provide perfectly fitted learning technologies and are experts on all questions addressing video based knowledge management.

Johannes Metscher, M.Sc

CEO and Head of Development

Johannes has been leading the development department from the company’s inception and has shared the CEO post with Frank Vohle since 2013.

He has rich experience in information technology-based learning environments (agile development, mobile, architectures) and interface knowledge between didactics and software. This and his never-ending willingness to improve processes are what makes him an incomparable consultant and solution finder. 

Frank Vohle, Dr.

Founder, CEO and didactical consulting

Frank Vohle is the founder and CEO of the Ghostthinker Company.

His emphasis lies on the didactical - pedagogical conception of train-the-trainer scenarios (Blended Learning, Social Video Learning, real competences and reflection processes) as well as methods and solutions for sustainable change processes in organizations especially sports organizations. He consults and accompanies you during introduction and implementation stages of new didactical concepts. In Keynotes and studies he reflects on what he is actually doing in his different projects. Amongst other things he focuses on Blended Learning, Social Video Learning / video annotation and how Sports organizations change through working with digital media in their daily organizational routine.


Rebecca Gebler-Branch, MBA

Member of the management board

Rebecca is in charge of Marketing as well as international communication.

She supports all ideas for marketing and communication projects from conceptional planning untill their creative completion. Her competency in the fields of marketing management, communication and organizational development as well as an inherent creativity support her completely. For any topic concerning marketing, PR and advertisement, Rebecca is the right person to talk to. 

Stefan Hörterer

Core developer and Shareholder

Stephan is core-developer and in charge of the technical realization of all edubreak® products.

He is a highly experienced and trained Drupal Expert. He has a well grounded, extensive knowledge of all topics concerning webtechnology, development processes and server management.

Sergej Naumenko, M.Sc.


Sergej completes the core-development team and is a Drupal expert as well.

He is knowledgeable in (the depths and shallow areas and) and works closely with Stefan in  education platforms such as the DOSB Bildungsnetz. After finishing his masters in informatics at the University of Augsburg, he started working as a freelance developer at the Medienlabor where he specialized in the conception and development of education-platforms.

Bernhard Hörterer, B.Eng.

Developer, Quality management

Bernhard is part of the development crew and responsible for quality testing and management.

As an electrical engineer, Bernhard comes form a more hardware-focused background. At Ghostthinker he brings many years of experience in the field of conception for complex automatization technology. As a career shift he now works on software development and the continuous development of all edubreak® products in our office in Traunstein.

Niels Helle-Meyer, Ass. iur.

Business Development and consulting

Niels completes our team as consultant since 2015.

With his background as a lawyer, Niels brings extensive experience in the tertiary education sector as a instructor as well as a university manager. He manages contract negotiations and supports our sales team in acquisition processes. His deep knowledge and experience gained while working in educational institutions includes all questions concerning data privacy in IT-systems in order to provide secure software usage. 

Lisa Welde, MBA

Account Management and Sales

Lisa enriches the areas of sales incl. key account management among the Ghostthinkers.

Her expertise in accompanying and consulting our clients in the field of sports is based on the combination of her B.A. in Sports Science and her MBA in Live Communication. Through previous experience on the agency side, she looks back on dynamic and creative development processes as well as various customer projects and brings her passion for the world of sports into her work processes.

Stephan Ebisch, B.Eng.

Marketing, support and product owner edubreak®

Stephan joined Ghostthinker for his practical semester in March 2017 and subsequently wrote his bachelor thesis with us.

Stephan has been an integral part of the team since October 2017 and is the central interface between marketing, customer service and development. Thanks to his versatile training, he is not only an ace when dealing with graphics programs, but also takes a close look at the quality assurance of edubreak®. With his passion for basketball and football, he is also a great asset to our customer service team. 


Bernd Fecht, M.Sc.


Bernd has been working as a software developer at Ghostthinker since March 2019. As Scrum-Master he also supports and regulates the development process for some of our projects.

His personal ambitions for the development of our products are strengthened by his passion for sports. His experience in programming with various programming languages and the latest technologies in computer science, as well as his passion for clean code, he actively contributes to the development process.

Lina Kuche B.Sc.

Developer, Quality management

Lina joined us in 2017 and supports the development team.

During her studies she focused the fields of mobile-computing, software development and IT-security. Her passion however goes towards the development of applications with different tools. She defines herself as an open minded and creative person with a distinctive willingness to learn. Her strength of purpose in solution-finding processes in various areas are of particular note.


The good spirit

The Ghostie represents our team since 2005 with his good looks and his unbreakable charm in public.

Ghosti is absolutely committed. His inputs are visible in different places. He is not only active in Germany but world-wide. Besides his mother tongue German, he fluently speaks English and Spanish. His Chinese is becoming better each day and that is a major help to all Ghostthinker in terms of costumer communication. His passion lies in sports and in the world of science he is well known at a lot of universities. It doesn’t matter where he appears, he wins everyone over with his irresistible charm.



Manuel Klapfenberger

Student Trainee

Manuel supports the development team at Ghostthinker since June 2018.

After his high school graduation in 2017 and a subsequent internship at the Traunstein satellite office in May 2018, the ambitious climber and boulderer now supports the development team and also takes care of quality testing and assurance. The "digital native" brings his love of sport and nature to Ghostthinker's work, as does his interest in modern technologies and multimedia systems.

Christopher Branch

Project manager, consultant soccer

Christopher got to know edubreak® and the teaching method Social Video Learning during his b-licence course in January 2017.

As an online tutor for those responsible for education in football, he accompanies the teachers in the implementation of their blended learning courses and the learners in the fulfilment of their tasks. In his work as an online tutor, he benefits from his diverse experience as a trainer, blended learning user and electronics developer. In this way, he manages to bridge the gap between technology and the content of the football courses.

Sarah Gafiuc-Zips, B.A.

Accounting, Project management R&D

Sarah is working for Ghostthinker since July 2018. At the same time, she is writing her master thesis on Augsburg sewage disposal at the beginning of the 20th century in the field of regional history research.

As a historian, she is neither new territory nor an obstacle. She is responsible for accounting and also supports sales. Her expertise is based on her experience in the operational planning of further education courses and museum projects, which strengthened her enthusiasm for educational work.

René Siegel, M.ed.

Didactic consulting, support edubreak® Academy

René supports us since November 2019 in the didactic conception and consulting of the edubreak®SPORTCAMPUS and the edubreak® Academy.

Before becoming a ghostthinker, René gained experience in all areas of application with his teaching studies, his internship in the personnel development department of a large international corporation and his work as a trainer in the German Rugby Association. He uses his didactic skills and his experience as a user of edubreak®SPORTCAMPUS for the continuous improvement of our products.

Alexander Renk

Developer and quality assurance

Alex complements our team in Augsburg as a software developer since July 2019.

With his open, honest manner and his complementary knowledge in the areas of computer game development, computer graphics and user experience design he supports Ghostthinker in the field of software development. In addition, he takes care of the quality assurance of our products with an eye for detail and great care.


Christian Budulak

Student Trainee

Christian is part of the Ghostthinker team since November 2019 and supports the support and development team. He also takes care of quality testing and quality assurance.

His enthusiasm for software development is reflected in his studies of media informatics. In his spare time Christian is a passionate sportsman who enjoys bouldering and basketball. Working at Ghostthinker GmbH helps Christian to combine his interests and passions and to gain practical experience for his studies.

Philipp Prommersberger

Philipp is part of the Ghostthinker team since March 2020 and supports us primarily in the development of the edubreak® products.

Philipp graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Kempten with an excellent degree in computer science. During his studies he focused on object-oriented programming, in the web development, as well as in desktop software. During his time as a student assistant at the Allgäu Research Centre, he was able to gain experience which he is now applying to his work at Ghostthinker.


Philipp Herbst

Philipp joined our development team in Augsburg in May 2020.

Since graduating in computer science in 2017, he has gained professional experience in a wide variety of software projects. Passion and fun in development are as important to him as the quality of the products he works on.  As a Ghostthinker, he so supports our development processes.


Michael Mayr

Michael joined our development team at the Augsburg office in July 2020.

He is a passionate and inquisitive programmer who is always open to new technologies. His core competencies are all around web technologies, where he approaches tasks with a lot of creativity and focus.


support instructors and learners within their work and assignments in the edubreak® online learning environments. We as Ghostthinker, define that service as a clearly defined technical and didactic support. The tutor supports those responsible for education in edubreak®, especially during the first cycles, in preparing and implementing their courses.

Sarah Löhle-Güler

Online-Tutor figure skating

Sarah is our didactic expert of the "Wissenswerkstatt Coaches - the information and exchange platform for trainers in figure skating".

As a sports scientist, trainer and former performance sports consultant, Sarah supports the figure skating trainer in blended learning during coaches training and through the community "Knowledge Workshop Trainer". Thanks to her experience as a lecturer in biomechanics, the many exchange talks between experienced trainers and the transfer of knowledge in all subject-specific training measures, she develops valuable knowledge for trainers in a brief, concise and practice-oriented manner.