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Video learning platform edubreak®: reframe video learning!

For over 15 years, the digital learning environment edubreak® has been revolutionizing education and training in the world of sports, science and business.

The underlying technical-didactic teaching and learning concept enables organizations to restructure their educational formats towards competence-oriented blended learning offerings or even online and hybrid formats. Social video learning" plays a particularly important role here, promoting interactive exchange between teachers and learners with the help of a wide range of video functions.

The learning environment relies on the interplay of formal, interactively designed educational offerings (edubreak®CAMPUS), networking in an informal setting (edubreak®COMMUNITY) and collegial quality development of teaching content (edubreak®SHARE).

According to individual needs, we implement specific wishes for edubreak® customers in development sprints in order to continuously improve and expand the learning platform and adapt it to the specific needs of its users.

Based on scientifically founded findings and practical experience, the edubreak® concept has established itself as a popular and multiple award-winning solution for education and further training with digital media.


What is Social Video Learning?

Social Video Learning combines the advantages of asynchronous online learning with those of personal, direct exchange. Guided by tasks, participants learn to precisely grasp the content of videos and to comment directly in the video on relevant or unclear aspects with timestamp accuracy using text, symbols or drawings. The comments are shared within the learning group and can be re-commented and discussed directly in the video. In addition, they can be used by instructors as a guideline and basis for discussion for analog or digital face-to-face meetings.

For education programs in:


We Ghostthinkers are experts in the field of initial education and further training in sports. With the edubreak®SPORTCAMPUS we meet the specific needs of organizations as well as individuals (coaches, referees, physicians etc.) who participate in educational programs. With our customers from sports we keep close contact and therefore are able to quickly react on prevailing requirements and changes.


Scientifically based results have made edubreak® a successful online learning environment and continue to contribute to its optimization. Nationally and internationally, the edubreak®UNIVERSITYCAMPUS is used at universities and colleges in a wide variety of courses.Within the framework of EU research projects, our social learning platform supports the further development and optimization of teacher education in various contexts.


The learning and collaboration environments edubreak®CAMPUS and edubreak®COMMUNITY enable new forms of corporate learning and internal corporate communication. By focusing on interactive exchange in and around videos, they offer employees the opportunity to share and expand their skills and knowledge. Knowledge silos dissolve and the path towards an active feedback and dialog culture emerges.

This makes edubreak® exceptional!

Social Video Learning Ghostthinker GmbH

Social Video Learning

The award-winning teaching and learning method Social Video Learning combines the advantages of video learning with those of personal and direct exchange. Guided by tasks, participants learn to look closely and to comment on relevant points in the video. These comments can be shared within the learning group and discussed together directly in the video. The didactic design of the tasks is geared towards the development of action competencies. This results in a reflection-oriented examination of content.


Each edubreak® basic package is equipped with the same tools. The basic tools include the social video player, blog, e-portfolio and concept maps. They enable interactive and collaborative learning with and especially in videos. In addition, functions such as time tracking, assignments, feedback, etc. are available in the basic package.

Further add-ons such as a webinar or group work function can be flexibly booked in addition to these.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Technologies and their potential are changing almost daily. That includes learning technologies as well. Most of the times this leads to irritation and disrupts the concentration on the initial task - which is teaching and learning.

We want you to be able to focus fully on whats important. Therefore we offer edubreak® as „Software as a Service“ (SaaS). This means instead of buying the software you rent it. With this you profit from regular updates and a ticketing support that is included. You no longer need a system administrator, don’t have to take care for any technical adaptions, you can start right away with your course and can be sure that your data is saved several times.

Video learning platform - Take it easy with edubreak®!

Discover the world of edubreak®: The Social Video Player makes online learning and teaching not only more active, but above all more interactive. The one-way street "video" becomes a dialog space.

Getting started with edubreak® is uncomplicated and quick. In addition, we offer comprehensive technical and didactic support, which accompanies and supports you from the decision to the conception, implementation and follow-up of your courses.

Let edubreak® inspire you and don't hesitate to get a personal impression of our online learning platform. With the non-binding and free demo request you get access to the world of digital education in edubreak®.


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