Development of learning platforms, community and collaboration solutions

As a consulting and technology partner, we help organizations in sports, academia and business expand and improve their educational services and collaborative work using digital tools.

These include:

  • the implementation of online and blended learning formats in education and further training

  • collaboration on topics and projects in virtual space

  • synchronous and asynchronous exchange via video

Together with our customers, we develop tailor-made didactic concepts, provide the appropriate technologies and enhance them continuously in a customer-centric manner. Training and individual consulting on the topics of blended learning, e-learning, video-based learning and digital communities round off our range of services.

In addition, we have been involved in national and international research and development projects in the field of digital learning and collaboration for many years.

The online learning environment edubreak® enables organizations from sports, science and business to expand their educational offerings with varied e-learning and blended learning formats. The technical-didactic teaching-learning concept behind it and the method innovation Social Video Learning promote interactive exchange between teachers and learners and the sustainable development of action competencies.

Visit the edubreak® website (in German)

Modern educational offerings need innovative methods, tools and technologies. In various online courses, we train instructors for teaching with digital media, with a focus on the online learning environment edubreak®. They get to know didactic and technical tools for digital education and put them into practice in individual and group exercises.

The introduction of blended learning or similar digital education formats brings with it various challenges. These range from breaking up old structures to redesigning learning strategies, learning techniques and courses. We accompany you methodically /didactically in the introduction of blended learning and further online and hybrid formats.

Interactive Video Suite by Ghostthinker

The Interactive Video Suite (IVS) transforms videos in Moodle courses into a lively exchange format between teachers and learners. Whether dialog-oriented in the form of video comments or test-oriented with single-choice tests: The possibilities of video-based interaction in online lectures and seminars are manifold.

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Contract work

  • DOSB Wissensnetz - Initial and further development of the educational community and the licence management system for the German Olympic Sports Confederation.

  • DMSB App - Initial and further development of an app as central point for news, documents and licences for all active and interested people in German motorsports.


Agile development

Continuous improvements and partnership-based collaboration with our customers are our top priorities. For this reason, the development team works according to the principles of agile software development. This not only increases the flexibility and transparency of the development process, but also ensures high quality output.