edubreak®CAMPUS is an online learning environment with an emphasis on social video learning. It is designed to support reflection-intensive blended learning scenarios.
The base of this didactical and technical innovation is its pinpoint video comment systems which is used by learners during the online phases. Joint with other participants, the learning-process takes place within the scope of active social exchange enbedded in the safe online environment. In doing so, a lot of contents such as video comments and blogposts are produced and reflected in video-based e-portfolios by learners. Especially within competence orientated education programms profit from a significant value when using the edubreak®CAMPUS

What does a future learning model need - the edubreak®CONCEPT is our answer

  • How do you combine the adventages of video learning with those coming from the internet?
  • In doing so, how can one support deep reflection an learning processes?
  • How can social exchange and sustainable learning be stimulated by video? Which other social technologies support my learning goals regarding reflection, kollaboration, sustainability? 
  • What can I do to turn learning into a fun thing to do?
  • How can I scale my mentoring efficiency?
  • How can I create intelligent networking possibilities that effect the organization as well?  
  • How can one not only trigger personal learning but change processes?


Competence orientated education plays an important roll in a lot of sectors. Sales, service or management are only a few examples. edubreak® not only supports the learning process in organizations but as well collaboration and exchange holistically and inovative. More informations are to be found on the official product-site: