Social Video: Sharing knowledge and ideas interactively

Social video combines the advantages of videos with those of personal, direct exchange. Static videos are turned into a dynamic, interactive medium in which knowledge and ideas are shared, reflected upon, discussed, and further developed.

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How does Social Video work?

  1. Relevant aspects are commented timestamp-precisely in the video with text, symbols or drawings.

  2. The comments are shared within a defined group.

  3. Other group members can re-comment on these questions and ideas directly in the video.

  4. This creates a lively exchange among participants in the video; knowledge and ideas are collaboratively shared and further developed.


Social Video in education

An established use of Social Video is Social Video Learning. It is successfully used for digitally supported education and training programs in numerous organizations in sports, academia, and business.

Guided by tasks, participants learn to capture content from videos accurately and to comment on relevant or unclear aspects. Comments are shared and discussed within the learning group with other learners as well as instructors.

Video material can be provided by instructors as well as by learners themselves. User-generated content provides the ideal opportunity for learners to share their own ideas and practical experiences. The video content can then be used for self-reflection as well as group discussions.

Furthermore, videos and video comments can serve as a directional guide and discussion basis for upcoming analog or digital "live events" within blended learning formats.

Our customers use social video learning in education and training of sports trainers, in digital and hybrid higher education, in banking education or in coaching of professionals and managers (articles in German).


Example: Blended Learning with Social Video in soccer


Implementing Social Video successfully

The technical basis is a Social Video Player with interactive video functions such as annotation and drawing tools or in-video questions. In our digital learning environment edubreak®CAMPUS (German website), the video player is integrated as a core element. Videos can be easily loaded into the media library of learning courses where they can be prepared and linked to tasks. The edubreak®APP enables recording and an uncomplicated upload to the campus via smartphone - Social Video to go!

For organizations using a different Learning Management System, there is the option to integrate the video player. The Interactive Video Suite is already available for the Moodle learning environment and can be integrated with a plugin. As part of a joint development collaboration, it can be adapted and further developed for different Learning Management Systems. This makes Social Video accessible to organizations regardless of the Learning Management System used.

In order to support you with integrating Social Video into your educational and collaboration concepts, we offer didactic consulting and support from conception to implementation.

In addition, future users get prepared for their work with Social Video and interactive, digital teaching in general in seminars and courses in the edubreak® Academy (available only in German).


Sounds exciting?

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