What is Blended Learning Consulting?

Anyone who wants to introduce blended learning (representative for all varieties of digital educational offerings: online/hybrid/blended) in an organization is often confronted with various challenges. These range from breaking up old structures to redesigning learning strategies, learning techniques and courses. Our team supports you methodically and didactically in the introduction of blended learning. In doing so, we rely on a combination of technical and process consulting and provide answers to the following questions:

  • How do I move from traditional face-to-face teaching to a teaching-learning format that sensibly integrates targeted online phases in addition to face-to-face teaching to increase quality?

  • How do I implement the so-called competence orientation in this mixed learning?

  • What do I do if I am particularly concerned with teaching, action and reflection competence?

  • How can I make the working practice of the learners in the periphery the central topic of my educational measure on site?

  • How can I network the learners with each other so that social learning takes place?

The answers will result in a concept with which the learners can learn better and more effectively!

We will accompany you and your organization/company from the initial idea to the implementation and finally to the evaluation and revision (redesign) of the courses. 

Tell us about your concerns and contact us directly for an initial, non-binding, personal discussion!