What is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning means the mixture of in-person and online learning phases. In addition to the learning sessions in the classroom or on the pitch, learners receive assignments and exercises presented on an online learning environment. This online learning environment is called edubreak®CAMPUS. Not only the learning possibilities are extended by this virtual level but it increases as well the the flexibility and therefore the attractivity of the program. Independent from time and place participant can work on their assignments as well as communicate and collaborate with each other. Outsourcing specific tasks in to an online phase results not only in a deeper learning success but most times you manage to reduce the in person-sessions.

Blended Learning Consulting

Didactical Consulting

If one wants to implement Blended Learning into an organization, several challenges might occur. These vary from breaking open old organizational structures to a new conception for learning strategies, learning techniques and new courses. Our team guides you through the whole implementation process of Blended Learning in terms media-didactical support. Our approach is based on a mixture of expert-advice and process consultation. In general we start with exploring your education challenges. Based on these findings we create didactical scenarios and offer a perfectly fitted technical solution.

Example course

The change to Blended Learning brings a lot of questions for teachers: how do I come from a classical in-person education to a mixed model, how do I realize the requirement of competence orientation? How can I motivate my learners to network and collaborate with each other so that social learning is happening. 
Each of our edubreak®CAMPUS offers an integrated example course which serves as a support and a guideline for the new didactical architecture of your inputs. 

Partnership for digital education

We maintain a close exchange with our customers. This includes as well a service for external communication. Your activities in terms of digital education is meaningful. They have a significant influence on the image of your organization. It is our goal, to support you in your communication activities related to all new learning arrangements, so that your members and stakeholders understand and realize the values of this new approach very quickly. Didactics, technology and communication these are the three columns of our service. In this sense we understand ourselves to be your partner for digital education. 
For more information please contact: marketing@ghostthinker.de


edubreak® Academy

For people who will work as teachers with edubreak® we have developed a basic introduction online course. This course teaches the core didactics and technologies within three weeks. During this time the future teachers develop a concrete course design which they can directly use in their own courses. The course is a mixture of asychnronical video learning assignments and synchronous online meetings. Through this our participants receive a deeper understanding for the didactics that work behind edubreak®. In this course we prepare you, to become an active and well versed instructor for Blended Learning courses with edubreak®.

Method innovation

  • how to work and use the online  learning environment
  • what is social video learning
  • how does blended learning work

Valuable input

  • creation of video input
  • course planning and realization
  • creation of assignments

Mentoring strategies

  • assessment design
  • feedback
  • evaluation 

Learning by doing is our motto because with this you profit from various advantages:
This trans-organizational exchange enables participants to profit from the valuable input brought in by everyone participating in this course. All Participants profit from the maximal flexibility because of the time and place independent structure. 
For more information in terms of price and dates please contact: info@edubreak-academy.de